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Granth is a story of passion. Of a passion for books and to create a comfortable and cosy space where a book-lover can spend hours browsing and selecting what he or she likes, in an atmosphere of complete serenity. The bookstore is your getaway from the rushed stress of the everyday world, where you can come to unwind and choose books that will excite you.

Granth is the brainchild of a select few who are doyens of the book trade, founders of shree Book centre, Mumbai, who understand books and reading. They have, from this love and passion, created that perfect experience of a contemporary bookstore.

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Granth—Changing the Definition of Bookstore

A Booklover’s Experience

Millions of ideas, billions of emotions – a wonderful collection of books. I feel that whenever I want to know, understand, experience, explore or just need an insight, there is a book with an exact perspective which fills in my inquisitiveness. Books are written wisdom waiting for me to read.

One pleasant evening while strolling down the streets of Juhu, Mumbai, I came across an unusual book store which sits atop a shop. Welcome to GRANTH – a place which is instrumental in satiating and enriching your reading. Whether you are a bibliophile or a beginner, you are at the right place. With a cozy décor and a fabulous in-store café, the crisp and befitting interiors of white with black, a bird caged coffee bar, soothing music playing in the background add to the welcoming and holding ambience. These are enough to make sure that you visit the place again and again.

- By Vandana Pathak

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Our Customers Speak

Hear Them Say It as It Is


A transparent view from the window opens your vision to see life from a wider & higher perspective at Granth bookstore! Come discover & open a new dimension to ‘Yourself’!

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Granth Limelight

Personalities, Events & Happenings at Granth

Our Services

Granth Special Services

Granth Gift Vouchers

What better gift to a loved one than a book-buying experience at Granth?

Expressing your love has never been easier. Pick from the Granth Gift Vouchers that are available in denominations of INR 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000.

Gifts today, are complicated choices to make. There is so much variety…

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School Connect

Is school only about textbooks?

Any good educational institution with a wholesome worldview would disagree. Books that are used to teach are complemented by books for leisure and that gives joy. The child’s first window to the world is often a book. He or she learns colours, shapes, and understands animals and birds, places, and things from the first books they read...

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Corporate Connect

Fun@work need not be all games. They could be opportunities for employees to indulge in something they love, like books and reading. A perfect employee is one whose domain expertise is unquestioned, and whose worldview is enlightened. In today’s rushed times, the advantage of a book as a stress-buster, a leisure activity, and one that stimulates thinking, cannot be emphasised enough...

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Home Library

Granth helps you curate the right books for your home personal collection. Books today are part of the making of any home as are artefacts and collectibles. A good coffee table book can add the right aura to your living room. Have the pleasure of creating your own home library in the spaces available to you, be it in the living are, in a bedroom, a children’s room or a study room...

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Residential Society Library

All residential societies offer common amenities for health, for leisure and for play. So gyms, swimming pools, children’s play areas, etc have become de rigueur in residential societies. So why not a library?

The Granth team can add value to your residential society’s amenities by creating a well-curated selection of leisure and improvement reads for the various age-groups...

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Granth Membership

At Granth, going that extra mile for you has become an obsession. We believe in crossing those barriers that encourage us to make you feel more privileged and make our relationship stronger.

Become a Granth Member and become part of a select circle that benefits from our special services. Periodic updates about new releases and special events…

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